Essentials Before Your Paddle

Paddling, either canoe, stand up, or kayaking, is one of those summer activities that is both relaxing and energizing. In fact, 22 million Americans enjoy paddling and we can absolutely see why! I’m definitely one of the 22 million and every year I come up with another reason why paddling is my favorite activity. ItContinue reading “Essentials Before Your Paddle”

A Family Travel Treasure – DuPont State Recreational Forest

Get three spectacular waterfalls all in one area! As the weather gets hotter and humid, we’re all seeking ways to stay cool. Might we suggest some waterfall hunting? North Carolina has hundreds of waterfalls and quite a few are easy to get to. Take a trip to DuPont State Recreational Forest near Brevard, NC whichContinue reading “A Family Travel Treasure – DuPont State Recreational Forest”

9 Must See’s in the Outer Banks

We sort-of cheated on a couple of these items, but it was just too hard to narrow down! The Outer Banks in North Carolina is a place of dreams. Miles of beautiful beach that is mostly protected, tons of history from pirates to the original coast guard, and wildlife galore! Living all around the country,Continue reading “9 Must See’s in the Outer Banks”

Essentials of Layering – A Quick How-To

When I was younger, I never knew that it was possible to be warm in the winter while I was outside. I just thought that’s how it was. I would wear so many shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets on the top half of my body, but for my legs it was usually just a pair ofContinue reading “Essentials of Layering – A Quick How-To”

Road Tripping with Kids? Try Road Trip Boxes!

Road trips can cause so much anxiety and be such a scary thing for parents. When our kiddo was a baby, I wanted to make sure that they didn’t mind traveling so we could go adventuring all the time. Honestly, we have some good travel days and then some really bad travel days. Something thatContinue reading “Road Tripping with Kids? Try Road Trip Boxes!”

Explore Experience-based Gifts Instead of Something Physical This Year

Look, getting presents is really nice. I always get giddy with excitement unwrapping that large box and trying to guess what it is at the same time. But let’s be honest, more often than not, that new gift will loose its newness relatively quick and it may end up sitting on a shelf or inContinue reading “Explore Experience-based Gifts Instead of Something Physical This Year”

How to be a More Sustainable Outdoors Person

Guest Article by Francis Dierick with Chalk Rebels We’ve seen a bit of a revival in outdoor sports in the last couple of years. We have seen a boost in climbing, hiking, camping, and mountain biking, and these activities seem to be on a continuous trajectory of growth and adoption amongst all kinds of people.Continue reading “How to be a More Sustainable Outdoors Person”